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Income and Expenditure Planner

Guidance notes for completion

The aim of this planner is to give a snapshot of your monthly budget once your new mortgage arrangements are in place. For example, if you are buying a new property complete the planner as you would expect to see your finances once you are living in the new property.

Likewise, if you are remortgaging, the figures should reflect the situation once your new mortgage has started.

We recommend that you have your bank statements to hand when completing the planner and work through your monthly outgoings. If there are new outgoings that you are unsure of (for example fuel bills), do your best and be as accurate as possible, maybe ask a friend or relative what they pay.

IMPORTANT - If you pay for outgoings with a credit or store card, for example; food shopping, petrol or clothing, please put these outgoings under the relevant section and not the credit card box - The credit/store card box is for entering payments you are making to clear an outstanding credit card bill.

In addition, if there are costs that you pay annually, for example car insurance or car tax, we propose that you divide the annual figure that you pay by 12 to give a monthly figure and put that in the appropriate box. If you have any questions or are struggling in any way in completing the planner, please let us know and we will do all we can to help.

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