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Personal Insurance Protection

In addition to analysing the mortgage market we can also advise in the very important area of protecting your mortgage and family in the event of death, serious illness or long term sickness. It will not be a condition of your mortgage that you arrange insurance with us, however, Paul Barnden is qualified, authorised and able to advise on products from some of the major players in the UK insurance market (see below). In addition, we are able to assist with buildings and contents insurance as well as redundancy cover from respected providers.

Our approach to this area is to provide solutions to our clients irrespective of their budget, this results in some form of valuable protection being in place should the worst happen. All too often we see examples of people being inadequately protected as a result of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. At Barnden Financial Services Limited we treat everyone as individuals because everyone’s needs and budgets are different – Our view is that it is better to have some cover in place to fit your budget as opposed to none at all.

At Barnden Financial Services Limited we take discussing insurance protection very seriously, in order to make our appointment as productive as possible for you we would like to set you a little ‘homework’. Please take the time to work through the areas below, it’s not as bad as it looks and won’t actually take up too much of your time. Of course if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please think about

A budget that is affordable and that you are happy to spend on a monthly basis for your insurance protection - this will help considerably when looking at what covers we can put in place for you.

Quite often, when we ask this question, a lot of people will reply by saying that they don’t know what to expect with regards to these costs and therefore have no budget in mind. We appreciate that no one wakes up in the morning and wants to spend lots of money on insurance, neither do we expect you to know how much these different covers will cost. However, letting us know an amount that you would be prepared to spend each month will help us immensely. We can then work with you to ensure that you are as protected as best you can be within your budget. What you tell us isn’t set in stone but will at least give us a starting point and we can work through the process from there.

Protection is a very important area and at Barnden Financial Services we can’t emphasis strongly enough that you factor this in to your budget. Whilst you’ll be paying for something that you hope you never have to use, it will be something that you will be so pleased you have should the worst happen.

Please bring along *

  • ANY insurance policies that you have for life cover, critical illness cover, income protection (for sickness and / or redundancy).
  • Details of how much you would be paid from your employer in the event of long term sickness (e.g. 1 months full pay followed by 1 months half pay) – if you don’t know this you can speak to your payroll or human resources department, alternatively, if you have a contract of employment this information may be in this document
  • Information regarding any death in service benefit that may be payable to your next of kin – again, if unknown, this information can be found as per above

Please complete *

This insurance questionnaire and return via email to

* Providing this in good time before our appointment will be very helpful

If you can (it will help), Please ;

  • Read - this document produced by Royal London. Royal London are one of the many providers we can deal with and in our opinion this document gives a very good insight into protecting, you, your family and your home.
  • Visit - this is a campaign that shows the effects poor health can have and gives some suggestions as to how you can protect against this.
  • Aegon
  • AIG
  • Aviva
  • Legal and General
  • Liverpool Victoria
  • Royal London
  • Scottish Widows
  • Vitality
  • Vitality

Protecting your Property

When purchasing a property it will be a requirement for you to insure your property (the building itself)**, in addition most people choose to insure their contents and this can be done in one combined policy.

With access to a panel of household names through Uinsure we are well placed to guide you and arrange a suitable policy to protect your property and your belongings. As per Personal Insurance Protection it will not be a condition that you arrange this cover with us, however, it will be a condition of your mortgage that you have adequate cover in place - typically on Exchange of Contracts if you are buying a new property. If you are remortgaging you should already have this cover in place, if not you must ensure that you rectify this matter urgently.

** In the event that you buy a leasehold property (typically a flat / maisonette or apartment) buildings insurance is typically arranged within the lease arrangements – if applicable please ask us for more information on this subject.

  • Uinsure